December 21st of 2014, one of the memorable days for teslians. It was the day; the long waited one where everything was revealed. It was a battle day for all of us. And it was the day to mark the end journey in Educational Technology course. Basically, on that day every group had presented their masterpieces (the videos, posters and story board) to be evaluated. All of teslians participated and worked like a winning formula to make this program a success. Not to forget, this event was also being sponsored by Adabi and LieNadia transportation.

As the arrival of VIP, D. Maslawati and Prof Dr.Rosseni the event was carried on with the singing of national anthem and Varsiti Kita also the recitation of Dua to bless the ceremony. Later on, there were speech delivery by our beloved class representative, Dr. Maslawati and Prof Dr.Rosseni. Soon, the program went on with the highlight of that day which was the presentations by all the 8 groups. The first group group was from 4A.S group with the title Taubat, second group from Quatro Belissimo doing the movie on blood is thicker than water, the third group FASA with their reminiscence movie, the fourth group Hit or Miss with their words matter movie, our group Anonymous For Now with our signature movie of Our Story,Untold. The presentation proceeded with the group Edutech Girl with The Needs movie, Izzat and Wives group with Jue De La Vie horror movie and finally the Realist group with their #cinta

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Right after, the ceremony had done, Dr. Maslawati, and Dr.Rosseni with other assistants Kak Anna, Kak Aida and few other fellows calculated the marks in the evaluation forms to announce the winners. While waiting for them, we watched slideshow which comprised of our photos in Penang and some random movies on Youtube to fulfill the time. Soon, the most awaited moment came where we had the prize giving ceremony. Indeed, we trembled as we once thought to be the winner but we believe the luck was not with us this time around as we won the consolation prize. But hey! We did turn out with forlorn face because we knew we had given out of our best in accomplishing the task for about weeks. That sleepless night, that night outing to reshoot the video with Elin’s brand new car, that bulk message on whatsapp when we discussed about our videos. The skills we acquired, we shared everything together awwwwww.We also made a great company to get along withTo be awarded must be something wonderful in mind but as for us we had gained so much through this which were definitely priceless. Don’t be gloomy, Anonymous For Now will be forever winner in everyone’s heart since forever it was established and we still owned a mini hamper!!!!!


It’s okay it’s alright, Anonymous For Now fight fight fight!

    Now, comes to part we had to bid goodbye to everyone in this Edutech class, indeed there are many things that we had learnt from this class and we believe all the skills acquired and gained are going to be useful tools for us in teaching soon. We really enjoyed the class to the fullest! And wish us best of luck in finals!


Presentation! Presentation! Presentation!


The announcement is up and everyone had seen the post. All that’s left is the preparation for our first presentation as a group of one. We were required to do a first draft video that could explain or brief a little chronological events that is about to happen in everyone’s video production. Our editor, Nik Siti Maisarah had did a spectacular trailer for a sneak peek of our full video. It is about two best friends going on a trip together in Penang and wanted to discover the state’s most delicious food. Everyone was so eager to watch each group’s first draft. Here is our trailer for Our Story, Untold by Anonymous For Now Production.

Field Trip To Penang!


“One of our classmates got excited about the trip and posted the tentative for the Penang trip.”

It was 11 .45pm, everyone was feeling excited except for our classmate Siti Shahkirah. She was a little bit nervous than the rest of all us. Yazmalina was feeling the moment to get ready to light off and sleep, Ain Amni and Dina Najwa was busy with their iPhones posting status on Facebook and Twitter to inform everyone about the Penang trip while Nik Siti Maisarah was trying to convince the bus driver to change the radio station from Suria.fm to Hitz.fm but most of all, everyone were feeling sad and disappointed upon Hayani’s absence throughout the whole trip. The journey took about seven hours until we have safely arrived at a mosque for the Muslims to perform our Subuh prayer. Here are some pictures to show what happened that night;

When we have arrived in Penang, of course we need food to fill our empty tummy. The bus driver stopped at this street called, ‘Little India’ where there were many restaurants getting ready to open for business. Most of them are Indians so we figured out why they named the street as such. We ate at this one restaurant with a superb ‘Roti Canai’ and ‘Roti Tisu’.

Our next stop was in Masjid Kapitan Keling, it was magnificent and really big. Unfortunately we did not know that we are allowed to enter but at the main entrance. So at the end, we did out video shooting outside the mosque near the streets. The pictures above will describe briefly of our situation in Penang. Although the trip was just a one day trip, it was worth it the energy. Thank you to Prof Madya Dr Rosseni Binti Din and her assistants for escorting us the whole trip and made our day a lot meaningful. We managed to did some scenes in Penang but due to time constraint we have to wrap everything up early and will continue the shooting in Bangi.


Our first draft for our storyboard was not bad but we can’t really say it was good too since it was basically just back and white written in pencil. But last week’s first presentation went well because Kak Analisa said, “This is good, the progress is there and what you girls can do is take pictures of the first storyboard and post them in your group blog.” So, this is precisely what we are doing now.


Figure 1: Pictures of our first story board.

But this week’s class is a new level of creativity because Prof Rosseni had prepared a set of colorful markers, a big sheet of Mahjong paper, sticky notes to help us with a more creative story board and not to forget the delicious Nasi Lemak just to make sure we won’t do our work with empty stomach. We feel blessed to have a very understanding lecturer and her assistants together with us cooperating and working side by side in one class. We worked hard drafting in an A4 paper first to arrange the chronology of our storyline and we took some time to discuss about what type of storyboard are we going to draw in the given Mahjong paper. We even made a decision to use the highlight green colored sticky notes for the writing in every scene together. All for one and one for all we supposed.

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Figure 2: Story board in the making.

            As happy as this story sounds, all the drafting, drawing and coloring had really paid off with our teamwork effort. Yazmalina and Dina Najwa did all the drawing. Nik Siti Maisarah and Ain Amni had done a great job with all the coloring. Also, Hayani Amanina had contributed a lot in both drawing and coloring. Everyone had their own job to do and we really worked as a team. However, the finishing touch in the storyboard for our presentation before the class end was not finished due to the constraint of time. We managed to get it done that very day. All of us were very grateful to have each other.

1st day of Educational Technology.

“I can’t wait to start our first group assignment.” -Hayani Amanina

“I think this course will give us great beneficial tips for all of us. You’ll see.” -Yazmalina Yaacob


Anonymous For Now was established in 2014. It was our first day in class, this small group was not exist yet back then. Everyone was busy chatting, laughing and some even felt a little eager to meet our new lecturer, Prof. Madya. Dr. Rosseni Binti Din. We were still excited with the new courses we’ve enrolled in the SMPWEB and not to mention GGGE2153-Educational Technology really had everyone’s attention as top three most interesting course since the class on that day had gained full attendance. We have to admit that it is never easy to gather everyone in a class. The last time we’ve gathered as many as that day was on our class photography session which was earlier that week.

The lecture started with a brief introduction regarding the Proforma with a little introduction on our lecturer’s background together with her assistants, Analisa Hamdan, Nor Syazwani Mat Salleh and Siti Aieda we formed our group called Anonymous For Now due to the fact that we had no idea what to name our group of five people. There were times when we tried to call ourselves as The Fabulous Five because there were five of us, then we came up with an idea of Friends simply because it relates with our video title, “Our Story, Untold.” but then we all agreed to just let our group name known as Anonymous For Now since everyone said it was very rare and unique.

Just like that, here we are standing tall during ups and downs throughout our whole process of video making, poster editing and coloring on the story board. Let the adventure begin with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…May Allah ease our journey full of adventure and challenges.


“First day of Educational Technology and we got full attendance.”

Preparation for the Video Production.

On the first week of class, we were required to form a group of five to cooperate throughout the course Educational Technology consisting of Nik Siti Maisarah, Nur Dina Najwa, Nur Ain Amni, Yazmalina and Hayani Amanina. We were eager to work together as a team since we hadn’t gotten the chance to do so during the last few semesters. We were briefed on the group project that we were supposed to do such as video production and posters. The first thought that came to our mind was the name of our brand. Our group did not think much of it. When creating facebook page, one of the member deliberately wrote down ‘Anonymous For Now’ for the name of our group since we could not make up our mind for the group. The name stuck until now, so we decided to go on with the name ‘Anonymous For Now’ as our group’s name.

Before we created the video, we had meeting on the themes and moral values that we were going to imply in the 5 minute video. We planned to create a video that carries the culture in Penang considering the fact that we were going to have our trip to Penang for this subject. Lots of ideas were given during the meeting, for instance showcasing the common sense among society and such. Lastly, after much discussion, we settled on the theme of friendship. The moral value is to not be afraid of asking people for direction and such. The location of the video would be held in Penang. It will be about two best friends who went on a trip to Penang on a quest to find the most delicious cuisine in Penang. They depended on their gadgets to find the restaurant but alas they had to ask a passerby in order to find the place. During the discussion, we had also made a storyboard. Everyone in the group was pretty much satisfied with the idea and we agreed to proceed with it. We made a proposal of our video and sent it through iFolio to Dr. Rosseni for further approval.